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  • EtutorStar Learning Pen
    3rd Generation
  • S$ 119.00

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    The EtutorStar Learning Pen is a combination of optical recognition technology and speech synthesis. It is a learning product by advance digital technology.
    The EtutorStar is compact, lightweight, portable and easy to use. It helps to make learning more interactive and diversify.
    The EtutorStar is a great tool for listening, oral and reading practices. It helps to enhance language skills, making Chinese learning easier and more efficient.
    The EtutorStar can be used with 'New Friends 新朋友' 'New World 新天地' 'New Express 新列车' and 'Hao Peng You 好朋友' 'Zhi Shi Hua Bao 知识画报' 'Zhi Shi Bao 知识报' children magazines. It can also be used with EtutorStar Chinese/English voice-enhanced audio book learning series.
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